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    " Amazing pattern, with clear step by step instructions that made it incredibly easy. Love it!" - Emma ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐


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    This Pack includes : 

    1. Mushroom Bag Pattern
    2. Santa Pet Hat Pattern
    3. Fairy Pattern
    4. Swing Doll Pattern
    5. Reversible rose into doll
    6. Reversible Bunny into strawberry Pattern
    7. Reversible doll into bouquet pattern
    8. Reversible frog into princess pattern
    9. Stretchable Christmas Gnome Toy Pattern
    10. Santa Hot air balloon Pattern
    11. Turtle memory game pattern
    12. Shark memory game pattern
    13. Ladybugs memory game pattern
    14. Counting & fishing game pattern
    15. 7 in 1 potted flowers pattern
    16. Flower, star & heart scrunchies patterns
    17. Cute pig phone pouch pattern
    18. Frog, bunny & giraffe stretchable toys pattern
    19. Goose bag pattern
    20. Halloween black dragon pattern
    21. Halloween cute witch pattern
    22. Halloween tree with owls and pumpkins pattern
    23. Hot air balloon lamp pattern
    24. Sunflower , strawberry and lily plant swings pattern

      That's over 200 pages of high-quality crochet patterns for the price of 3 patterns!

    ✔ List of stitches used with their respective abbreviations.
    ✔ List of materials and tools.
    ✔ Detailed instructions and photos of the steps.
    ✔ Tutorial of basic techniques and some tips.

    Difficulty: Easy/Intermediate

    Language : English


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